Analytical Alley:

where your marketing data isn't just numbers – it's your key to winning strategies. With our AI-driven strategies, making informed business decisions just got a whole lot easier and more effective. Dive into a world where you gain context, improve holistic marketing ROI, and make conscious choices powered by AI media strategies.

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Ditch the old 'guess-and-hope' routine.

Our Managed Software as a Service (MSaaS) goes beyond just offering AI powered software; we fine-tune it to align precisely with your business's unique demands. It’s like having 500 million simulations at your fingertips, all combined with a human touch. This isn't just a simple upgrade; it's a complete revamp of your strategy, offering a tailored solution that's geared to elevate your business's success.

Marketing is broken:


of Advertising Results in Ad Waste

*These numbers are derived from MMM's global market research, insights from work in the UK and Europe, and our own experience from over 100 media attribution projects in Scandinavia and the Baltics.
of budget is lost
A significant portion of budget is lost in offline channels, often misinterpreted or overlooked. Without precise measurement, the overall effectiveness of marketing strategies remains a mystery.
investment mismatch
Astonishingly, 82% of channels are either over or underfunded, leading to a substantial misallocation of resources. This lack of strategic investment insight hinders potential returns.
Mis-timed investments
More than half of the marketing budget is spent at suboptimal times. Decisions based on gut feelings rather than data, especially in seasonal marketing, result in wasted opportunities and resources.

Why is marketing broken?

The Mystery Link

Ever feel like there's no clear connection between your media spend and actual business growth? We know; it's like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces.

The Comfort Zone Trap

We often stick to what we think works, but do we really know? Without understanding the real impact, we're just playing it safe, maybe too safe.

The Learning Black Hole

Trying to link our media KPIs to real business impact? It's been like grasping at fog. With data stuck in silos and key metrics hard to quantify, getting a full picture of our marketing's effectiveness has been a bit of a wild guess. But here's the kicker – we've realized there are a bunch of broader metrics out there that influence not just media, but business outcomes too.

Chasing the Low-Hanging Fruit

Before Analytical Alley, most of us were playing it too safe, focusing our efforts on the small group of customers who already showed interest. We relied mostly on online data, not because it was the best choice, but because, honestly, it was pretty much all we had to go on.

The Performance Marketing Bandwagon

Ever notice how we're all about chasing the channels with the best immediate payoffs? Lower costs, sure, but are they the best long-term play?

Data Overload

Trying to make sense of all the disjointed data? It's like drinking from a firehose – overwhelming and messy.

Data Silos – Everyone's Doing Their Own Thing

With so many cooks in the kitchen, it's no wonder our data's all over the place.

The Fragmented Data Dilemma

Ideally, all data should be treated equally. But the reality? There's no standard way of doing things, and sometimes, the data isn't even there.

We know What You're Going Through

Our team, seasoned in the trenches of top-tier media agencies, has not just witnessed but lived through the labyrinth of marketing challenges you face daily. We understand because we've been there – navigating through a world riddled with elusive strategies and unpredictable consumer patterns. For us, unearthing real, actionable insights isn't just a profession; it's personal.

We're Here To Help

Our purpose is simple yet vital: to solidify the shaky terrain of marketing, where too often, as much as 40% of ad spend is wasted on gut-instinct decisions instead of data-driven strategies. We've experienced the pitfalls of plans gone awry and budgets vanishing into thin air. That’s exactly why we're dedicated to transforming marketing from a vague expense into a clear, strategic asset for your business. With Analytical Alley, you're not just taking a different path in marketing; you're taking a smarter, more successful one.

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Our solution

With our mAI-driven media strategy, blending AI computing power and human insight, we guide marketers to slash ad waste by up to 40% and rapidly achieve business goals through smart, calculated decisions. Our comprehensive multivariable model doesn’t just crunch numbers; it predicts the impact of all factors – marketing, media activities, and macro variables – with over 90% accuracy, bringing together aspects you used to see in isolation.

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Don’t just take our word for it

“I strongly recommend using Analytical Alley for media mix planning. Its advanced features enhance evaluation of ATL and digital media, optimizing campaigns and budgets effectively.With Analytical Alley, we swiftly reversed a YoY negative trend in brand traffic, achieving a +7% growth within a month. Leveraging Alley's insights also led to a +15% performance improvement by mitigating seasonal impacts.Integrating Analytical Alley into your strategy can elevate media planning efforts and drive positive outcomes.”

Giedre Vilke
Lithuanian CMO of the year 2023

"Bigbank highly values marketing efficiency, optimized ad placements, and data-driven decisions. Analytical modeling in cooperation with Analytical Alley has supported the decision-making process and media placement evaluation. It has ensured that each placement becomes a meaningful investment with a concrete impact on KPI reach. It's not just about reaching the audience; it's about connecting with them."

Laura Jegere
Head of Marketing at Bigbank AS Latvian Branch

How it works

Reviewing Past Performance

We start by diving into your past marketing efforts, analyzing what worked and what didn't. Our team guides you in gathering the right data, ensuring a thorough evaluation.

Predicting Future Scenarios

mAI then steps in with its advanced predictive analytics, offering insights into how different strategies might pan out. 

Executing and Evaluating

Then, it's showtime! We supply you with the tools and insights needed for effective campaign optimization. While you take the lead on execution, we stay close with continuous support and guidance, ensuring your campaigns reach their peak performance.

Human touch

Data alone isn't enough; it needs context. That’s where our human expertise shines. We've evolved from a media agency, driven by the same need for clear, actionable insights. Our aim? To make this data immediately useful for you. Want the full story?

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Case studies

Coop Pank, in collaboration with Analytical Alley, not only surpassed their growth target but also significantly increased media efficiency. Their dynamic modeling approach allowed responsive adaptations to market changes, leading to substantial growth in sales while optimizing media effectiveness, showcasing the impact of innovative media strategies in financial services.


Growth Overachievement
Coop Pank surpassed its 2023 sales goal by 26%, growing 3.3 times faster than the consumer loan market.


Enhanced Efficiency
Surpassed the overall target by +26%, achieving a 38% increase in media efficiency.

Kristiania, leveraging Analytical Alley's advanced analytics, exceeded its ambitious growth goals by achieving a remarkable increase in student admissions and brand strength. The strategic media ecosystem optimized investments and enhanced brand and subject awareness, showcasing the power of holistic analytics in educational marketing.


Student Surge
Welcomed 4,921 new students, surpassing the target with a 19% surge in applications compared to 2022.


Efficiency Boost
Demonstrating an increase from 5.4 to 8 applicants per 10k NOK invested, highlights the effectiveness of the new marketing/media strategy.

Norsk Tipping's collaboration with Analytical Alley aimed to promote responsible gambling by understanding media's influence on player behavior. Through advanced statistical models and strategic data-driven marketing, they notably reduced the share of income from risky players and decreased their monthly losses, setting a precedent for responsible marketing practices in the gambling industry.


Reduction in Risky Players' Share
Norsk Tipping's income from risky players decreased within a year post-implementation (since October 2021).


Positive Impact on Players
Monthly loss for risk players reduced from NOK 3,425 to 2,733 after the strategic approach.

Analytical Alley's dynamic modeling system played a crucial role in strategically aligning four out of five brands with their revenue goals within PHH Group. This underscores the significant impact of media in driving the achievement of business objectives, showcasing the effectiveness of Analytical Alley's advanced analytics in optimizing marketing strategies for sustained success.


Media ROI Boost
Achieved until September 2023.


Media Contribution
Significantly contributes to total GMV.