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The story of Analytical Alley

Fresh out of uni with his head crammed full of quantitative economics, Tanel Rebane was itching to shake things up in the business world. Banks? Fintechs?

Nah, too vanilla for his taste. Enter Indrek Soom, the big brain behind Initiative Estonia, and a die-hard believer in analytics reshaping the marketing scene.

Together, they cooked up a storm with an analytics squad inside a media agency, making serious waves.

Tanel Rebane
Indrek Soom

Those years? A revelation. Marketing, as they saw it, was a wild west of mismatches - apples and oranges kind of stuff. MMM methods? Sure, they've been around since the '50s, but talk about underused for sizing up media's punch. And marketing – oh, marketing! Still seen as a money pit, not a gold mine for growth, thanks to murky impact evaluations.

Karl Mattias
Kaarel Raspel
Marili Ruus

Enter the disruptors: Mattias, Marili and Kaarel. Their rallying cry?

Go big or go home!

They saw a future in the services offered as a managed SaaS, and bam! Analytical Alley was born, a startup with Kaarel helming the tech.

Our mantra? Marketing goes beyond just play; it's the driving force behind business growth. We're not merely crunching numbers, we're out here changing the game.

Ambitious? Absolutely! We're on a mission to jack up marketing ROI by 40%. Come 2030, we're setting our sights on optimizing over a billion in marketing spend. And you bet, that's a mountain of cash ready for smarter play.

Join our ranks, and together, let's revolutionize marketing as we know it.

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