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Data Scientist

Tallinn, Estonia
Full Time
Job description

Welcome to the forefront of data-driven marketing at Analytical Alley! As a Data Scientist, your daily mission involves crafting sophisticated models to decode the intricate world of marketing analytics. Dive deep into econometric modeling to unveil the real impacts of media (TV, Radio, Online, etc.) on our clients. From analyzing shopping baskets to dissecting detailed customer journeys using Neural Network algorithms, you'll lead the charge in shaping the future of marketing analytics. At Analytical Alley, we're committed to not only uncovering insights but also guiding our clients towards better ways to optimize their media spend and minimize ad-waste. This includes identifying optimal timing, investment size, channels, and more.

Candidate profile

  • Hold a degree in economics, mathematics, or statistics.
  • Demonstrate exceptional data processing and analysis skills.
  • Exhibit the ability to autonomously lead analytics projects.
  • Navigate through vast amounts of numerical data and contextualize results effectively.
  • Operate with speed, precision, and resilience under pressure.
  • Possess outstanding proficiency in English.
  • Proficiency in specialized software/languages (R, Python) is advantageous.
  • Embrace creative thinking in analytics and problem-solving with mathematical rigor.
  • Familiarity with media and marketing is a bonus, but not essential. We provide comprehensive training in all necessary skills.

What are your responsibilities?

  • Develop sophisticated econometric models and Marketing Mix Models (Marketing Mix Modeling/Optimization).
  • Construct forecast models (ARIMA/regARIMA).
  • Author analytical projects in R or Python, ranging from automated data processing to the creation of various mathematical models (Random Forest, Neural Network, etc.).
  • Source and analyze sales and marketing data.
  • Lead projects collaboratively with cross-Baltic teams and partners in Scandinavia.
  • Assist in gathering insights to guide clients towards better optimization of their media spend and reduction of ad-waste.

Step into the forefront of marketing transformation with Analytical Alley, where we're pioneering innovative data science solutions. If you're ready to be part of a dynamic team driving the evolution of marketing strategies, seize the opportunity to contribute to our ambitious mission. Your application is the first step towards shaping the future of marketing alongside us!

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