Bigbank's Path to Precision: How Smart Data and Bold Moves Drove Growth

June 4, 2024
Bigbank's Path to Precision: How Smart Data and Bold Moves Drove Growth


Bigbank faced a whirlwind of challenges – the pandemic, fierce competition, and major macroeconomic shifts. To get a handle on their media strategies, they turned to an MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling) approach. This move wasn’t just about understanding their tools but about crafting a killer, custom media strategy to skyrocket their product growth.

The Results

  • Included 100% of Bigbank’s consumer loan media investments in model calculations
  • Achieved 95% precision in prediction models
  • Met application goals with 21% less investment compared to the previous year
  • Balanced application gains with processing limits, achieving a 2% average monthly increase above estimates
  • Grew the base application amount by 3.3% (11% increase) in one year
  • Increased online applications per 10k investment by 20%
  • Boosted TV applications per 10k investment by 16%
  • Provided crucial forecasting for next year’s budget, optimizing media splits despite high inflation

How We Did It

Using Analytical Alley’s robust statistical model, we ran about 500 million multivariate linear regressions, gaining deep insights into everything from media effects to consumer behavior.
To turn these insights into action, we:

  • Refined Channel Investments: Tweaked spending based on ROI saturation points, maximizing returns.
  • Synergized Online and Offline Channels: Created a cohesive strategy combining strong TV ads with online campaigns, boosting overall effectiveness.
  • Optimized Timing: Used natural demand cycles to time our efforts, hitting the sweet spots for maximum impact.
  • Bridged Demand Gaps: Leveraged media channel after-effects to amplify impact during low-demand periods.
  • Explored New Channels: Identified and utilized smaller, underutilized channels to support KPI growth.

Each month, we provided detailed, actionable insights that went beyond just investment values and estimated returns. We delivered tailored suggestions on weekly natural demand weights for different campaign periods and a detailed daily online channel split. This included precise investment amounts and natural demand calculations customized to the specific month.

Why It Matters

Bigbank’s MMM project wasn’t just about hitting KPIs – it was about mastering the art of precise prediction and smart investment. Unlike others who might be content with any KPI gains and a basic budget split, Bigbank needed us to avoid both underdelivery and overdelivery. We had to dig deep into the prediction power of our model to ensure optimal performance without overwhelming their processing capabilities.
Our strategic insights allowed Bigbank to navigate the complexities of both online and offline media, leveraging natural demand cycles and refining their approach monthly. This meticulous, data-driven method ensured that every marketing decision was impactful and aligned with their overarching growth strategy.

The Big Picture

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, staying ahead requires not just smart strategies but innovative thinking. Bigbank’s journey from tackling market challenges to achieving stellar growth showcases what’s possible when data-driven insights meet bold, strategic moves. With a clear vision and precise execution, we’ve set the stage for continued success. Bigbank is not just navigating the market; they’re paving the way for innovative growth.

Ready to transform your marketing game? Join us at the cutting edge and let’s redefine what’s possible together.